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Ericard Production has been in existence for about two years. Despite its name, I launched it as a multipurpose site a way to "publish" some of my own writing and to share friend experience, as well as a guide to writers. It's probably not a good idea to start a website with too many functions in mind. It can become unwieldy.
Once the site was established and had attracted a small following, I decided to add some message boards where people could participate in discussions about games, movies, and topics of general interest. These boards have turned out to be the chief attractions on the site and now have nearly 6 registrants. The first three boards were a general discussion, an anime discussion, and video game discussion. I later added discussion boards devoted to news and mod.

Since I have participated in other Internet forums and know how easily they can deteriorate into silliness or become infiltrated by troublemakers, I have kept a wary eye on the boards to ensure that they are civil and reasonably mature. I approve almost all applicants, but I can expel anyone who abuses the privilege of participation. Fortunately, I have rarely needed to exercise this option. We have a courteous and constructive virtual community. Yes, we have our disagreements (grammarians can be a contentious bunch), but the tone is always respectful. Only a small proportion of registrants participate regularly, but new topics appear almost every day.

While in conversation in meeting, I mentioned that I was building a site that I will create, and could use help. I didn't expect anyone to be interested, but an individual known as MCW answered the phone since I call him.

He offered to help with writing reviews. I knew from reading his posts that he was very zealous about the thread, and good at articulating his thoughts and forming convincing arguments.

Ericard Production also continues to be an outlet for my own writing. However, to keep it as focused as possible, I have taken advantage of offsite venues (linked from the website) to avoid clutter on the site itself.

Baldogon, a fighting street game development, is working on an intriguing Fist of The Northstar fan game called "Hokuto-No-Ken".

This website is another example of the use of multiple channels. Though my site contains a rather large collection of Multiplayers and Chatroom (as well as some smaller sections devoted to Links and lighter writing under the heading of Other Stuff), this separate page gives me an opportunity to ramble, as (you may have noticed) I like to do. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for controlled writing.

Given the size of the site, I have included a Site Map, as well as an Internal Site Search tool (provided by Google), located in its own section and on the homepage. I can't speak for others, but I hate websites that are hard to navigate or contain large numbers of dead links. (If visitors have any problems or locate dead links, I would certainly appreciate hearing about it so that I can correct the faults.)

While learning about the HTML, Baldogon, MCW and myself continued preparing content for the site should be apparent that Ericard Production is a project to which I am deeply dedicated. I certainly appreciate visitors, and I especially appreciate comments and suggestions for improvement. Please stop by; the door is always open.

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