Staff Production

Ericard is the founder of Productions and is located on the Asia. He's the person to contact about forum and also if you want to make your articles to wikia.

Musical Influences:

Shinji Hosoe, John Williams, Rick Astley

General Interests:

Composing Music, Soft Drinking

Join Super Sweep:

Company Role:

Founder, Creativity, Composer
Game Works:

Toshinden Origin, Transformer Origin, Metal Gear Origin, Red Cyclone Zangief, Shin Hiryu No Ken(cancelled), Kamen Rider Zero, Soul Edge II, MegamanZero: X Revenge, Castlevania LCD Chronicles, Street Fighter Ultimate Collection.

Ericard Ong was born on 1984, in Heat Season, Malaysia. His interest in music started at Primary and Secondary School, where he learnt to play the recorder(flute) and piano(classic) as he joined a hall. Shortly after leaving school, he joined Worlds Institute Technology in 2001 as a part-time carrier. He had managed to infiltrate himself into the position, but for some reason or other, he wasn't quite pleased doing computer staff, so he started work secretly. TARC wasn't aware he was behind the fun, catchy score that eventually appeared in the assignment maintainance, a rather rough, old-school repairing that was fairly popular in the 90's back then. It was successful enough that WIT ported it to the TARC. Of course, the carrier took a hit in quality, but the job still shined. Afterwards, Ericard worked on several carrier, including as a Supervisor, Part-Technician, and Communication Marketing. 

NOTE: Battle Arena Toshinden was the first site that build in the beginning, then the site shift forward to Productions as the HQ.

MCW lived in the same neighbourhood with Ericard. Most of the urgent phone call that he received from Ericard for a discussions. He focuses on providing in-depth support to Production's idealistic. He is known as the co-author who accelerated in a homebrew video game titled Final Fight DC V3. Since his new project in Street of the Rage XXX(remake) was cancelled, as the result began to upgrade his original homebrew FFDC again. At the moment when he doesn't active in his account, he was very busy in his carrier.

can be found on wikia as well as many articles in wikis. He was a famous in such Soulcalibur part of canon to be many fans and focused on assisting the community with their needs, so feel free to contact him with questions, comments and requests.

Ragnoth is a normal teenager, slightly then average dungeons and dragons etc. He love console and pc games so thats why he do reviews whenever possible. 

   Job:                                 Journal delivery service.

   Hobbies:                        Playing games, watching anime/tv, making youtube videos (variety) and creative writing

   Join Super Sweep:      2010

Quotes:"Things are looking bright with the new flip share camera...its a good little trooper. Movie maker is also helping :)".