Digimon Royal Arena


Another fan games that was complete in progress with the co-operate of xkcl10 (, this new games might consider fun for all digivice fans. The game is now available to download.

HOKUTO-NO-KEN is nearly done!


Baldogon's first project Fist of The North Star is almost complete. The remain of his last project is INTRO MOVIE, and it took alot of hours to make the intro into frame by frame.

Baldogon, The Hardcore Gamer and Programer, the first masterpiece maker of Hokuto-No-Ken in BoR project.

Street Fighter Ultimate Collection

The original Street Fighter remakes again with more adventure and exitement. There's more coolest mode added in the game that players have never been experience before. Download is only available for members.

Castlevania LCD Chronicles


Castlevania LCD Chronicles was originally a game for Window version based from the LCD handheld game. The original version of Simon's Quest and Symphony of The Night was remade by Ericard Productions, along with the remake of Sprite to develope games that use LavaLit software programs. Castlevania Dracula X is the original games that was added in as the main scequence of Castlevania LCD Chronicles. This game also include some element gameplays from the Playstation versions of SOTN.

Download Castlevania LCD Chronicles

Next game appears in 7th and 8th.

Ericard finally becomes an admin in, and

There are two games available in the wikia site, Soul Edge II and Mega Man Zero: X Revenge.

New games from Baldogon & Ericard Coming Soon!

 Two of this games that showed in the paragraph above is the game that still in progress,

-"Fist of the North Star" was under w.i.p by Baldogon

-"Hiryu No Ken: The Final Resort" is still in progress about the story board and character arrangement.

However, these two game will not be promise about the release of the date yet.

Virtual Hiryu No Ken OST

  Culture Brain's fighting saga based from NES,N64 until PSone. But it was a waste that they stopped their project for the next generation game called Virtual Hiryu No Ken Dash.




Persona website update.

  Update since 20/June/09. Nothing much about it, atleast there can be close for the storyline.


Metal Gear Solid 5 in X-BOX 360' is called SNAKE EATER 3?!?

  I doubt that Hideo Kojima will not call MGS5 for the X-BOX version... 


Street Fighter Origins: Red Cyclone Zangief

It appears that Zangief was the strongest Russian Wrestler for the whole time. The most powerful characters with 360' command could make the enemy afraid of him, even the opponent who try to challenge him. The game was release in full version gameplay that is more replay value can be enjoy.


Transformers: Mystery of Prime (COMING SOON)

Re-edit version of damn old lousy "Convoy No Nazo", I will make it better than the old version.


Battle Arena Toshinden Origin 2009 (By Ericard)

 A fan made game, worth to be alive again and flashback to the new tournament (After The Third Tournament). The game was supposed to be free download games.



Metal Gear Solid 5?! It was called Metal Gear Origin 2009(COMING SOON)

As all I know, the great Hideo attempt to end the line of Solid Snake. But the next game will be goes to what I will plan to the future. It will going to be 2D version, not 3D. The demo was released, all MGS fans get ready with your firearms!




Yes, it is true. The movie is based from original video animation Capcom's artist and the movie was just released after the "Legend of Chun-Li" . This movie was hardly to start on DVD's however, most of the rippers sold them without permission. But they have their right to design the cd and case with their own desire...

Street Fighter II HD Remix Mugen

 Edit version of Street Fighter characters and fit with other stages that feels the new way and different look.



Street Fighter One (Final Edition)

 An upgrade from the old fighting games back from the 80's, the game is now final release with new soundtrack.


Persona (Shin Megami Tensei), the classic website.

Persona is one of the most famous RPG created by Atlus corp. The old-line is ended, but the fans community website can be ease to make friend and find out for more info...



Mobile Suit Gundam The Blue Destiny OST

The most rare and fictional story based from the Universal Century 0079. The Original Soundtrack was released, once I rip it from the Saturn version. Download is now available.


Street Fighter II Movie OST (Japan version)

Alot of complain from the US version, most of the songs were actually not fit enough. They agree that original songs from Japan is the best collection...



News will be update, once if there is any project is complete...



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