HISTORY OF HIRYU NO KEN


   1985   In late 1985, the most popular tactics of fighting game in the old times Hokuha Syourin Hiryu no Ken(Japan)                                                     Shanghai Kid(USA). Known as the fighting abilities that test your speed and mind, it was popular since before the                                                           Street Fighter launch.


                  Story: A boy named Ryuhi who was carried and raised from the temple was trainned under his Master Monk,                                                                   years later a man from the Monk who was obsessed by the spirit of Demon and rush to steal the scroll of                                                    Hiryu-No-Ken. After he manage to steal the scroll, Ryuhi spar and challenge him. Later on, Master Monk ordered                                           Ryuhi to join the world tournament to defeat and retrieve back the scroll from the strongest warrior.


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      1987  Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll is an action/fighting game developed by Culture Brain for the Famicom and published                                 1989   in Japan in early 1987, and later in the United States during 1989.                                                                                                                                             It was released in Japan as Hiryu no Ken: Ougi no Sho, which can be translated as "Fist of the Flying Dragon:                                                                 Document of Secrets." It is the first game in the Hiryu no Ken series which spans across several Nintendo systems.


                     Story: In an unexplored region of China wrapped in mystery, Ryuhi, a boy, was born and brought up in high mountain                                        tops. There he recieved instruction from his wise teacher, Juan. Though he was young, he made himself a                                                           master of Kempo. One day, his teacher Juan was attacked and robbed of the Secret Scrolls of Hiryu-no-Ken, of                                                     which he was the author. Ryuhi possessed the 6th volume of the Secret Scrolls, the Shingan-no Sho, or book of                                             the mind's eye which Juan had managed to save. Ryuhi begins his journey to Shorinji in compliance with Juan's                                           last request. Gengai, the bishop of Shorinji welcomed the little Ryuhi, regarded as one of the titans of Shourinji                                                   Kempo. Six years later, they recieved a letter of challenge from the Tusk Soldiers, a mysterious organization of                                                      enemies of the Shorinji. Ryuhi is determined to take part in the upcoming "World Tournament of Contact Sports"                                                  as a representative of Shorinji. His desire is to prevent the Tusk Soldiers from becoming champions of Contact                                                  Sports at the tournament. Ryuhi heard from Gengai that in truth it was the Tusk Soldiers who attacked his teacher                                              and robbed him of the Secret Scrolls. As he leaves for the World Tournament, his thoughts are on his teacher                                                     Juan and keeping the fighting spirit burning.


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   1988   After the success of Hiryu No Ken, the author begin the next step of another chapter.


               Story: Over thousand years from the past, a mysterious legend of Makai Lord revive once again to revenge and conquer                                                       the world. The gods granted the force to the one who believe he can destroy the evil, and that person was...


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    1990   When the 2nd installment of Hiryu No Ken is given a great seller, the author believes that he can giving his best                                           1991     efford to  make in two version. And so, he proceed his idealistic for the next generations after the 3rd installment of                                                   Hiryu No Ken 3


               Story: The young adult Rick/Ryuhi was studying his technique in Shorinji.
                          The Dragon Tusk, the evil organization, had fallen and peace had returned. Master Gen was approaching.
                          When the demon was resurrected, darkness gathered, involving Rick/Ryuhi in the battle against the
                          demon. However, this led to the formation of the Dragon Warriors, and it was Ryuhi's fate to
                          become one of them. Following Rick/Ryuhi's transformation, the decisive battle against Ryumaou
                          Fuzufu commenced and resulted in his defeat.

                          Then, Rick/Ryuhi's friends arrived later, completing the group of 5 Dragon Warriors, and they chased
                          away the spirits of darkness. The powerful enemy, the demon, was fought and in the end was
                          sealed. After the battle, memories of the demon slowly disappeared with the flow of time...

                          For the 3rd time, Rick/Ryuhi embarked on a trip to the location of battle.
                          And, this battle would be fought in America, where a man named Kevin Clark was rumored to be
                          the cruel engineer of demon resurrection plot. Rick/Ryuhi arrived in Los Angeles.


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     1991   Since the 3rd Hiryu No Ken/Flying Warriors is earned their marketing, the author do not wish to continue in the 4th                                              as the title. But he merge the next titles as "Special Version" it also known as the Fighting Tournament Hiryu No Ken.


                  Story: "I cannot be defeated. To claim the glory I will smash my opponents. I will not look back."                                                                                                  All the men who came to fight seek the dream of becoming the supreme fighter, and they must deal                                                                  with one another in fierce competition. The curtain for this fighting drama is rising.


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      1992    The author believe that his 8-bit game should go on to another consoles. So, he began to assign in the Game Boy version.


                    Story: Hiryu No Ken's origin, the Mountain of the Dragon...
                                A legendary treasure is hidden here.
                                The desperate battle for the Hiryu (Flying Dragon) Medal is now beginning...  


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     1992    The author believe that his 8-bit game should upgrade to another consoles. So, he began to assign in the SNES version.


                      Story: A demon from the dark world has resurrected .......
                                 He burns with an unyielding need for revenge and there is an eerie black aura of power about him.
                                 This demon is the Ryumaou Fuzufu!
                                 "I've been waiting for this day, Dragon Warriors......
                                  the day to make this world hell! I'll start with Shorinji.
                                  To destroy it, I will take the life of their leader, Gengai. 


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            1994      Two years after, the author decide to make it in SD version since he assumed that his first version from the NES look similliar to SD.


                           Story: SD Hiryu No Ken continues the plot from Hiryu No Ken 3, since Suzaku is the
                                      main boss this time. There are no Mind's Eye martial arts battles or adventures
                                      sequences anymore. It's purely a fighting game. The characters' reasons for
                                      fighting in the tournament are described in the game manual I suppose, as there
                                      is virtually no story development in this game up until the last fight. 


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    1995 ~ 1996      Years later, the legacy continue in SD to gameboy version.


                            Story: RYUHI'S objective is to defeat Suzaku and the Ryumaou.
                                       HAYATO'S goal is to defeat Suzaku also.
                                       WILER is hired by the CIA to pursue RAIMA again.
                                       SHOURYU means to investigate a pyramid where evil energy is coming from.
                                       MIN MIN seems to have no purpose but to win the tournament.
                                       DAVA he is a fighter with guardian of Durga
                                       SUZAKU wants to control the world.
                                       YUUKA looks to be related to Hayato, and wants to beat him.
                                       RAIMA is a prototype built to defend the justice of the world.
                                       E. QUAKER is a mummy guardian of the pyramid Shouryu is invading.
                                       JENNIFER is a member of the Kongou Shichi Bushin [Adamant Seven Fight Gods], fights just to win.                                        RYUMAOU wants to rule the world in darkness.


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                  1997                 When management of Culture Brain decide to move on the next revolution of Hiryu No Ken, the author decide to                                                             bring their character alive as they imagined in the Street Fighter EX.


                                           The game obviously looks great but the animation quality is also excellent. The motions and moves of the fighters are fluid                                            and flow beautifully. Explosive Tekken-style sparks, glowing illumination and rings of power are the order of the day when                                                     you smack or kick someone with extra force. In the picture to the left, Ryuhi kicks with a fiery explosion that causes a roiling                                            crimson cloud to erupt in his local vicinity. Ryuhi by the way, is this game's proverbial Ryu. He is the main character and has                                            been featured in all of the Hiryu No Ken game since the 8-bit Famicom days.