Kamen Rider Ultimate Ride Song Collection


                                                        Music composer by Shuhei Naruse and Rider Chips

1. Kamen Rider Kuuga (Shuhei Naruse Remix) [Total Time 4:09]                                                      

2. Kamen Rider Agito (Shuhei Naruse Remix) [Total Time 3:54]                                                        

3. Alive A life (Shuhei Naruse Remix) [Total Time 4:15]                                                                        

4. Justifaiz (Shuhei Naruse Remix) [Total Time 4:14]                                                                            

5. Round ZERO~BLADE BRAVE (Shuhei Naruse Remix) [Total Time 4:24]                                       

6. Shounen Yo Hibiki (Rider Chips Remix) [Total Time 4:01]                                                               

7. Next Level (Shuhei Naruse Remix) [Total Time 4:07]                                                                       

8. Climax Jump (Rider Chips Remix) [Total Time 4:28]                                                                        

9. Break the Chain (Rider Chips Remix) [Total Time 4:33]                                                                   

10. Journey through the Decade (GACKT) [Total Time 4:35]                                                               

11. Ride The Wind (GACKT) [Total Time 3:35]                                                                                         

                                                                                                       <TOTAL TIME IN ONE CD 46:20>                                                         REPORT BROKEN LINK

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Music composer by Shunichi Mikame

Sagas of Hiryu No Ken

Flying dragon 

Moonlight of cyborg

Danger in nowhere

Beat and punch

Temple of silence

Identified yourself

Gloomy wind

Be strong

Wise guy

Call me strenghtman

My light is durga

Assassin in the night 

Shining finger

In your way

World of nightmare 

Fighters of Hiryu No Ken

Fighters of Hiryu No Ken(long)

Relentless of peace

       Recommended: 1,2,3,5,7,8,9,10,11,14,15,16,18,19

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