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Reply RufusVed
1:01 AM on November 28, 2017 
Hello. Best shop! And Bye.
Reply benjisp
8:55 AM on February 14, 2016 
as you can spend the cyclone zangief network, I'm stuck in the stage of zangief ryu vs ken and vega
Reply cabo-hicks
9:37 AM on August 25, 2015 

hi, i just register in here cause im a  BIG follower of the street fighter 1 and 2 games. along metal slug, and streets of rage. and im a fan of castlevania too. so i wanted to downlaod your games, but is impossible without registration. hope you see my registration form soon. ;)

as a suggestion, i would say that you should put a direct download for your games. and let people to talk or not in the forum or blog if they wanted to do it.

i know that saddly, not too many people say thanks always, but if your stuff is good, sure that people will like to give to you a thans in the blog or in youtube. (mostly on there, cause more people use that platform).

also, if these games uses bor, i strongly recomended yout to visit chronocrash and post them in there. cause thats the right place for more people could know them.



about other threads... do you know the streets of rage online place and the "pancake" chars editor?

it is an incredible editor for the best beat em up game, the streets of rage franchise.

however, the editor only works for streets of rage 2 and 3 titles. allowign you to change the chars sprites and moves. creatong your own chars hacks with playable enemies, or chars from any else other games...

you can see many of those hacks on the streets of rage hacking forum, in here:

or in the downloads section of every game too:

apart, you can visit my channel too if you want. there you will find many free fangames videos and their downloads on the description. and also my crazy cheat codes. as change the prehistoric isle 1 endign by pro action replay cheats or control the double dragon enemies on dd1 and dd2 on mame.

apart, if you like, i can upload to you a sf video of your game on my channel. i dont have partner, adfly or anythign where i get none money from that. i just wanted to share free fangames and retro things. cause i love them. ;)

well, nothing more too say. just that im pretty excited for can download and play your street fighter 1 game. ;)


Reply Dracula9
10:36 PM on March 13, 2015 

What part of plottwist saying "you stole my sprite and used it without my permission and I DO NOT want it used, and want it removed from the game" didn't you get? Not knowing his name is one thing (which is also bullshit, it takes ten seconds to check the page the sprite was posted on), but he made it abundantly clear he didn't want his work in your project, and yet you're still using it. 

So you've jumped from haphazardous ignorance to straight-up theft of content. And you think this is okay, because why? And don't give me that crap about the game being "too far done" to remove the sprite; that's not a valid excuse, that's you being a lazy fuck to try and cover your ass for stealing someone's content.

Remove plottwist's Dracula sprite. This matter is not for you to decide, and the creator has vehemently demanded you remove it. At this point you're just deliberately being an asshole.

Otherwise, we're just gonna keep posting and repeating this until either you get the message or other people see what kind of person you are. What you're doing is wrong and your justifications for it are fucking pitiful.

Remove plottwist's sprite. He's denied you usage and repeatedly told you "no." Take the hint already.

Reply benjisp
1:22 AM on December 22, 2014 
Zangief ciclone red openbor download?
Reply Pergesype
1:47 AM on June 23, 2013 
Reply Rounnyvomnows
12:41 PM on May 19, 2013 
hello world!
Reply yletchertrj
4:03 AM on January 7, 2013 
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Reply Pergesype
10:40 PM on December 22, 2012 
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